Becoming a blog wanker

Photo credz @ The amazing Dan Cunniffe

Food is great

Presumably the only people who can be arsed to read this are friends and possibly family at a push. Well long and short of it is I’ve decided to start a blog on quite possibly the closest thing to my heart and my life’s main passion: food.

As already explained, food is great. I’ve been a big fan of food for literally forever, it’s given me great experiences and indeed one of my long time best friendships was started when asked in school to say something about ourselves and we both said ‘I like food’.

Food (typically lunch) is what gets me out of bed in the morning/early afternoon. I have decided to share my endless enthusiasm for the various culinary wonders through the power of the internet to anyone bored enough or with an essay to procrastinate.

As such this is my first blog post (whoop whoop!) and won’t actually be about any particular meal but is instead just a general halloo and welcome. I’ll be posting every now and then, should be every week or so and would love for anyone to give it a read, posts will be about as long as it takes me to eat food which is to say not long at all. I’ll cover the Oxford and London areas, will be realistically mostly student food but should be a good range, think shitty kebab stands, McDonald’s but mostly a better quality of student food. Next few weeks will be dedicated to my long-lasting love affair with the Gloucester Green open market (Weds. Thurs. Sat. 10:30 – 4 ish).

In all seriousness I hope to give people pointers about good places to grab a bite to eat and indeed the best places for specific type of foods. A section of this site may be dedicated solely to chicken, a blessing from God ranked just above opposable thumbs for the development of civilisation.

Attached is a picture of me enjoying possibly too much ice cream. Photo credit Dan Cunniffe.





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  1. Kanye Best says:

    I’ma let you finish but Turkey had the best protein to fat ratio of all time


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