Braddock’s Chilli

Beef chilli with oxtail – taste 5/5, filling, cost: priceless

Braddock, a few weeks back, offered to drop his heavy workload (degree, ball committee, nutting twats and spending quality time with the kids) to cook me up a mighty fine meal. I managed to take the man up on it last Wednesday before a crewdate with some chatty Catz galz.

The beauty itself

Without further ado lets move onto the Chilli itself. Smokey, dark, thick, mysterious, stocky and pugnaciously flavoursome and fiery. It was as if the man had put his very being into the pan.

Braddock had applied liberal quantities of dark chocolate at the start and towards the end of the cooking process to build layers of delicious, smooth flavour. Unlike many such chillis you could actually taste the chocolate. The beef due to lamentable circumstances beyond the man’s control had been chopped too thin by the butcher against Seb’s express wishes (a dangerous activity to say the least) so was a little on the tough side but still had a good flavour.

More than making up for this minor qualm was the oxtail which really blew me away. Thick powerful meaty taste which complemented the heat and bitterness of the chocolate excellently. Cooked to perfection the meat fell off the bone, which was convenient because being a student kitchen we had to share Braddock’s singular knife.

Also lamented by Braddock was the lack of scotch bonnets. For both the heat levels of the chilli and hopeful young lovers at  the following evening’s imbibations. This was remedied by the liberal use of Red Hot sauce and tobasco to add burning to the already decidedly warm grub.


As for trimmings warmed through tortillas with nice crisp fresh coriander were provided. There was meant to be sour cream but foolishly Braddock left that to me as my sole input to the dinner, I naturally forgot. But I did remember to bring beers. (Just for him obviously as I’m on a drinking ban. Obviously).

Overall it was piff, brilliant, sick, lit, fit. If any other of my friends want the distinct honour and privilidge of cooking me dinner I’m sure I can work you into my busy schedule.



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