Big Dave’s BBQ Shack #1

Dry rubbed Lamb breast with home-made coleslaw, mac’n’cheese, pepper pickle and banging sauces

£6.50 for the lot. Filling √, Good price √, Healthy ish, Tasty √√√√√

Gloucester Green open market (weds. thurs. Sat. 11ish till 4ish)

For the first actual food review I’ve decided to go with one of my favourite stands on the open market and the one I go to most regularly. Dave is a large eccentric bloke that bloody loves food so unsurprisingly we get on quite well and are both pretty good at chatting shit.

The quality of food here is really top notch and the meat is stunning whatever you get. The lamb breast at the centre of this meal is, like all the meat, sourced from the carpenter’s family run butcher in Banbury which Dave is a big fan of. They only sell FARM ASSURED meat, all from locally sourced farms. This is some lovely lamb from Warwickshire and grass-fed.

Dave chopping lamb 2

Lamb meat cooking

Close up of lamb

This lamb is pretty fucking great. Got a good amount of proper meat with some lovely fat trimming for flavour, the meat is from the breast and half the slices had a Thai dry rub and the other half had a paprika, cumin, coriander and some other stuff one.

The meat has been cooked beforehand for 5-6 hours in a smoker so it’s lovely, juicy and tender before being smacked onto the pan for 5 minutes ish in which it gets a lovely crispy edge to it.

Has a wonderful smokey taste and the crispy, chewy charred edges carry the flavour of the rub something lovely and goes nicely with the juicy, succulent centre bits.

Dave's mac'n'cheese

Alongside is some creamy, gorgeous Mac’n’Cheese, adds some bulk to the meal and while I’ve not had many Mac’n’Cheeses in my time it is really quite good. Goes nicely alongside whatever meat he’s got on any day of the week and is a favourite amongst the regulars.

If this all seems quite seriously heavy food then no fear, Dave also has a lovely freshly made coleslaw with a simple virgin olive oil, lemon juice and salt dressing that gives a needed crispness to the meal. Alongside this is a smashing new addition of Dave’s home made pickle, containing courgettes, cabbage, jalapeño peppers, pepper, mustard seeds, turmeric, brown sugar and cider vinegar. This is a condiment so you can have as much as you like as well, it’s got a nice warmth without being a fireball, good stuff.

Chilli pickle

Where Dave’s insanity really shines though is in the sauces department, my particular favourites are his new brand of Korean BBQ sauce (a little sweeter and a lot fierier than the usual Texan he always has) and a smashing blueberry chipotle, the fruitiness of which goes lovely with the Mac’n’Cheese and adds a load of lovely flavour to the lamb as well.

Korean BBQ

Get yourself down to Big Dave’s BBQ shack in the open market and get yourself fed, I’ll cover more of the stands in good time, lots of smashing options there.

Definitely #LavinIt


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  1. Seb says:

    Well now I’m hungry…


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