Bleeker Burgers

Angry Fries – £4, taste 3.5/5, cracking sauces
Oreo Milkshake – £4.5, taste 4.5/5
Bleeker Black – £10, taste 5/5, amazing



Bleeker is a chain of some sort, got some restaurants scattered around London, notably one by Victoria Station. Perfect for anyone getting the Oxford Tube, or anyone in general.


Isaac and I had been meaning on heading here for a while, drawn in by the “Bleeker Black”, their signature burger with juicy black pudding embraced by two tender beef patties dripping in cheese and onions.

It’s quite a trendy sort of place, nice selection of 90’s hip hop on the speakers, Beastie Boys, Snoop et al. Not entirely sure what vibe they’re going for overall but don’t particularly care anyways.

Jazzy Interior.jpg

They’ve also got a fairly decent selection of drinks and beers. These fancy root beers and the ever reliable Brooklyn Lager.

This might shock you but this author would suggest getting a milkshake rather than beer (or at least before). Isaac and I both went with the classic Oreo as a sort of benchmark so we could easily compare it with Byron or GBK’s milky offerings. Bleeker’s approach is doing good stuff simply, basically a cup of ground oreos and ice cream, like any good milkshake it has to be both drunk and chewed. Once we’d started drinking them it was almost impossible to stop, it’s basically crack.

Oreo Milkshake
I mean it’s just a milkshake, it looks like a cup of ice cream because it is. 

Any burger ought to be accompanied by chips, gotta say these ones didn’t thrill me, they’re chips though so still good, decent crispiness to them but not enough for my taste. I went with the ‘angry fries’ option though which meant they had a melted blue cheese and chilli sauce and this was really stunning. Truly something else.

Would I recommend you buy chips here? Eh, its just a bit steep honestly, had better at a usual chippy.


Chips dece, milkshake fit, but Bleeker is all about the burgers. I say burgers, if you get something other than the Bleeker Black you’re being a tit. Oh my Lord this burger, Isaac and I were both legitimately light headed afterwards, closest I’ve come to a spiritual epiphany honestly.

Burger CLose up
Couldn’t bring myself to crop it anymore, just look at this beauty.

Two beef patties cooked, well you can see how fit they’ve been cooked above. Juicy and tender (the only adjectives I ever seem to use in this blog, ought to buy a thesaurus). Ya boy Isaac said he could probably have eaten the meat without chewing, eugh I’m hungry again just thinking about it. As any good burger should have its got some meltedy cheese and grilled onions (could have done with more tho), minimalist by topping standards in my book but so’re most things. The beauty of this is the black pudding, did I mention its got black pudding in it? Peppery, fatty and tasty. If you like black pudding that is. If you don’t like black pudding I guess it probably wouldn’t be for you, then again neither would my friendship.

Definitely up there with London Grill, losses out in price a lot and in terms of toppings. Particularly now they’ve got maple cured bacon (which is by the way bloody incredible, 10/10 would recommend). I might bring some black pudding next time I head there, I feel it’d make anything better.

Overall 5/5 FIT, definitely #LavinIt


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