London Grill

Steak Baguette – £6, taste 4.5/5, filling as fuck
Pulled Pork Baguette – £5, taste 4/5, ^^^^
Chicken Brioche – £5, taste 4.5/5, decently filling
Killer Burger – £5, taste 5/5, decently filling


London Grill is a great little stand, the overarching theme here is quality, similar to Dave’s if the meat’s not perfect they wouldn’t want to serve it. Since there’s so much good food on offer here I won’t faff around anymore and get straight to it.

Steak Baguette.jpg
End product in display pic

The Steak Baguette is stunning, and for 6 quid (used to be 5!) an absolute steal. The steak is chopped and grilled, packed with flavour and not a tiny portion of it either, properly all along the baguette.

The Pulled Pork comes in either a brioche bun or a baguette like the Steak, I’ve had both, difference is a baguette is bigger so you get more. In case anyone was struggling. I’d recommend the baguette unsurprisingly. The BBQ pulled pork is from the juicy and soft rather than meaty and chewy school (though I’m a fan of both), its dripping and moist without being runny and going all down your sleeve. Very tasty and I’m pleased to say incomparable with Dave’s pulled pork, literally. As in Dave’s is less, like shredded and sticky BBQ, more just the pure refined meat. And as I said both schools of thought have their own merits.


Now I can’t remember what seasoning/toppings the chicken brioche specifically came with but there is one with mango somethingorother, these are boneless skinless chicken thighs and ooh they’re a good call. Juicy, not dried out like a lot of chicken cuts that go in burgers, flavoursome from all that good thigh fat.

Now, onto the main event …. everything I’ve had at London Grill has been really good quality and is rapidly becoming one of my favourite newcomers to the market, but they really shine at the killer burger. The pics above don’t do it justice trust me. I have no doubt in my mind when I say it’s the best burger I have ever had for £5, I think for that money it’s the best burger you could get in the UK but I haven’t been everywhere so can’t confirm. But don’t get the wrong end of the stick here, it’s not just good value for money but really stands on its own two feet as a beautiful burger, and I’ve had a shit ton of burgers.

The beef is Aberdeen Angus if I remember right, really flavoursome, high quality beef with a smoky taste, better flavour than most byron or GBK beefsteaks I’ve had. And you get bacon, fresh, crispy beautiful bacon. And cheese obviously but that’s a given.


As any who know me are aware the toppings maketh the man/meal and London Grill has everything you could need, wonderful fresh salad, tomatoes, coleslaw (freshly made on the day, not too mayoey either) red onions, gerkins and jalapenos. They also have hot sauce, red onion marmalade, chilli jam (particularly fit) and mustard. In other words everything you could want to top any of the four meals I described. I tend to go for everything. Would recommend.

They also do a carrot cake, haven’t had it yet but looks sound.

Overall I cannot endorse London Grill enough, go now before they realise how much more I’m willing to pay for almost everything there.



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