Taco Shack

Burrito/Tacos/Nachos £5, filling 4/5, taste 4.5/5

This particular trip to Taco Shack I had the Tacos surprisingly. Featured above and below along with the Nachos and Burrito on offer.

I’ve been meaning to give these guys a review for some time, new to the market (relatively speaking) they aren’t as well known as they should be yet. The charm of this place is the choice, whether of container, fillings, toppings, drinks or sauces.


When I went I had the Chilli Beef in one taco and the Chilli-Lime Chicken in the other one. Both meats are wonderfully tender, juicy and succulent packed full of flavour. Like a really nice comforting chilli con carne made by your mum. Beef on the left and Chicken on the right.

Now what makes either the taco, burrito or nachos is the toppings, fresh salad, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, salsa and of course jalapenos.


I would naturally recommend you get everything (though guac is £1, such is life), adds a nice mix of flavours, textures and more food.

The guacamole is the best I’ve ever had in Oxford (apart from yours Noah), the avocados really carry through and it’s refreshing combined with the sour cream to counteract the sauces.

What the meal looked like on the day, ft. Frank’s fit food

There are 5 different types of chilli sauce on offer, I went for no. 3 though I tried 4 and 5 beforehand. Trust me, no. 3 packs enough of a punch, 4 and 5 will knock your bloody socks off, be warned, 3 was almost too much for me and I have chillis on my cornflakes.

I’ve also had a burrito from these guys, in terms of quality it knocks all of Oxford out the park, only competition might be from Big Ron’s up in Cowley (which deserves its own review at some point). None of the flavours are overpowering, textures go nice together etc. and it doesn’t seem to have been put through a wet blender before being served (looking at you Mission Burrito, get tae fuck).


They also have root beer (lovely stuff) and some funny fizzy grapefruit (I think) juice drink which is apparently Mexico’s favourite fizzy beverage. Tasty and refreshing if you can get over that you’re drinking something called ‘Squirt’.

Didn’t know it comes in cans 

Overall, fit. 4.5/5


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