Jamon Jamon Paella!

Paella Valenciana (chicken) £6 Taste 4.5/5 filling
Seafood Paella £6.50 taste 4.8/5 also filling
Mixed £7 taste 5/5 unsurprisingly filling

First off apologies for the shit photo of my grub, was too engrossed in the excitement of eating it. Jamon Jamon is a Paella stall owned by a wacky bloke called Nick who works his wee little socks off on the front lines, serving up fresh, tasty and wonderfully smelling Paella to all comers in Portobello market as he has done for (I believe) the last 10 years. Amassing a sea of regular custom.

Recommended to me by a worldstar supa sharp shooter tune-selecta Fizzy Gillespie who had the pleasure of working for these chaps for a time, I’ve almost completely locked Jamon Jamon down as a certy for the St Peter’s St Anne’s Spectrum 2017 Ball (on 13th May, tickets still available, get em while you can https://www.spectrumball2017.co.uk/).

The stall itself

As such I felt I would be failing in my Ball Committee duties if I didn’t go and sample the wares. Nick was all too happy to give me a mixed paella dish for free so I could sample both the Chicken and the Seafood Paella (there is also a veggie option before I get inundated with messages). Now, onto the grub itself:

Both are cooked in massive Paella dishes with the second batch preparing on the other side of the stall (the simmering broth being the base, seafood and chicken cooking separately then added in when needed so they’re nice and fresh rather than sitting out and cooling).

Actual Paella.jpg
Quite possibly the shittest picture I’ve ever taken

The rice with the Valenciana is sticky, juicy and has really absorbed the fat and flavour from the chicken its cooked with. Gives those starchy comforting vibes. Also got its own decent amount of seasoning and spices to liven up the tastebuds.
The Chicken ….. MY DAYS the chicken. So soft I could pull it off the bone with my fingers (not that I would because I have sick table manners obviously). I went for a thigh but there’s also legs, really good piece of meat, good amount of flavoursome fat but not that soggy dripping fat that leaves a solid grease deposit at the back of the throat (not that that’s necessarily the worst thing) and packed full of taste. Comes with beans and peas all mixed up in it. Fit.

The Seafood paella stole the show for me I have to say, red peppers diced into the rice for this one give it a really Spanish vibe (go figure). Prawns are so soft you can munch down the shell easy, and the legs and head too if you’re peckish. Juicy guts and brains. Squid rings are the perfect balance of neither being rubbery nor floppy and soft. Offering just the right amount of resistance and taste. Mussels were nice and soft and salty, reminded me of the seaside.

Overall definitely #LavinIt and gassed to see these guys at the ball, got almost a portion worth for all guests planned at the moment so get in quick. And get a ticket quick you bellends.








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