Frank’s Signature Spices

Curries, sides and a fish £7
Cheaper options available, good if you just want one meal that gives you a nice variety
Taste 4/5

Frank runs a nice little stand in the open market, he’s there Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Distinctive for its wall of metal containers full of fragrant curries, meaty or veggie, with plenty of lovely sides to go with them.

Now the main attraction here are the curries, he usually has a pork and chicken option (usually at least one is vindaloo of some sort) and they’re all good quality. The open market is really spoilt for choice when it comes to good quality and good value curry.

When I went though I chose one of his specials which at the time was prawn, cauliflower and coconut curry, served on a bed of rice with a side of Okra and onions and another of Dahl.

Frank has some of the best vegetarian options in the market, this special was absolutely stunning (and he usually has some kind of coconut veggie option, I had the mixed vegetable coconut curry today and it was fit). Delightfully sweet and creamy without smothering the flavour of the vegetables (I know, vegetables, flavour, same sentence. I’ll check my temperature).

Menu Sign.jpg

All prices shown above come with a side of Okra with onions and a side of Dahl. The Okra’s good, balances soft, tender and juicy textures while maintaining a satisfying resistance to the bite. Not oily or mushy like some okra can be. The dahl’s a nice creamy accompaniment to any of the spicier options (though don’t worry, they’re not too fierce and there are plenty of mild choices) though I was pleased to find a dried chilli in it when I went a couple of weeks ago, blew my socks off.

Another time I went to Frank’s I got his lamb curry special (bit pricier at £7) and it was really full flavour, clearly cooked and soaked for time to absorb loads of different flavours (I could try and list all the spices ingredients etc. but can’t be arsed).

Different Box Meal.jpg

I think I got an option with a bit of every curry in this shot, can’t remember as it was a little while ago and I was distracted by some Tacos from the boys Charlie and Robin and Burrito Shack (keep an eye out for that post, coming soon).

The lamb curry was the sort of thing you’d expect to get charged a tenner for in a restaurant, a nice lingering heat but hard to discern discrete flavours as I was eating the taco at the same time because I am a greedy man that isn’t content to eat one meal at a time. Good mix of spices and flavours. Not sure which exactly but good ones.

Now the real star of the show here is the fish, when I went last it was a Masala sauce and there was a slightly different one today (thus, 17/11) which was even better but they are bloody fantastic. Juicy and tender, no fiddly little bones, drenched in spice and fried till they’re ready to melt in your mouth and can be cut up with those widdly little plastic forks.

My recommendation here would be to go with a veggie option as it’s cheaper and top notch and then add on a fish slice for £2 because fuck me they’re worth it.


Definitely #LavinIt








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