Beerdy Pizzas

Quirke and I try out some sick pizzas, £6 with any two toppings

Taste 4/5, price £6 with 2 toppings, healthy – lol no

I was naturally concerned that a place like Beerd, with a Beard on all its brands and advertising craft beers was going to be worryingly hipster. Particularly as I was rather a fan of the pub that used to be there.

I was then pleasantly surprised that while certainly eccentric it wasn’t as hipster or pretentious as I’d feared. Nice pubby interior still but with some modifications and such scattered about. I didn’t really care to be honest, food was naturally more important than where the food happened to be served.

Onto the main stuff, the pizza. So naturally being a pizza place on George Street the menu can look a little intimidatingly pricey, however if you go at lunchtime you can get a margarita pizza base for £5 and if you’re not one of those weirdos who eats margaritas, add 2 toppings for £1 so overall a big pizza with 2 good quality toppings for £6. Really not bad at all.

I chose Chorizo slices and Nduja sausage and they were both piff. The pizza itself is good stuff, base is a nice mix of thin but not so thin the toppings end up on your chin rather than in your gullet. Pastry on the crust is particularly nice and fluffy with just the right amount of crunchyness without being dry as a bone.

Chorizo slices were nice and oily and greasy as they should be, strong flavour but not too overpowering. Nduja was absolutely stunning though would ‘heartily’ recommend despite the increased risk of coronary heart disease (ey). Some might say that the two together would be a bit too much meaty oily goodness but some people still think the world is flat and people voted for the Nazis and like Coldplay. You can’t trust people.

Because I could still feel the blood slowly chugging its way round my clotted arteries Quirke and I decided to get some deep fried pickles on the side (little bit spenny, think maybe 2.50? This meal was a little while ago) and bugger me they were good. You crunch in and feel the mix of pickley sharp goodness and greasy battery … er grease. They came with some blue cheese sauce on the side which was also piff.


With your pizzas you have access to chilli oil (a trend I am very pleased to have seen catch on in pizza places around the country, if you order takeaway pizza and you can’t see through the bottom of the box afterwards you could’ve done with some extra chilli oil) and free garlic mayo which I was pleasantly surprised with. I’ve tried a lot of garlic mayo in my time and this one was good, not the best (very high praise regardless) but it had a good mix of creaminess and punchy garlic without being too overpowering on either count. Still would possibly recommend passing up if you’re dumb enough to take a date here.

Beerd also has some nice looking beers on offer, would recommend a crisp IPA with this kind of meal as a sort of stimulus to keep your heart going till you reach a sofa. Be aware however that the price list is for 2/3 pints, and this may surprise some but I actually think that, provided it isn’t the start of a session, this is the ideal size for a beer with a meal, particularly a meal as filling as the sort you’d have in Beerd.

I didn’t partake in a beer as I wasn’t drinking at the time but I’m sure they’ve got some lovely one’s there. All in all I’d really recommend you at least try Beerd out some lunchtime, not sure if the offer is on every lunch but it’s certainly a nice change upmarket from Express Pizza (though they’ll be getting their own review at some point, different kind of meal, goes well at 2 am). #I’mLavinIt




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