Sasi’s Thai

Stir-fried Squid, garlic chicken and rice £5.95, Filling √, healthy √, tasty 4/5

This will be the first review of somewhere NOT in the Gloucester Green open market, instead it’s in the Oxford Covered Market which is open every day from sometime in the morning till some other time in the evening. Irrelevant. What is relevant is that Sasi’s Thai nestled on the side closest to the High Street serves food from roughly half ten till about 4.

I am a very large fan of this place, service is quick (simple queue up, order, get handed a plate/carrier a bag and sort it out yourself), there’s lots of variety, all the food is tasty and if the open market isn’t on (sunday, monday, tuesday and friday) I will invariably end up here for lunch. As such Sasi’s is a common favourite with those in the know, if you turn up between about half twelve and half 1 expect to wait for your food.


Don’t worry though, queue moves fairly quickly and you’ll be seated and eating within 10 minutes even at peak times ish I’d say. If you’re planning on going with a group I’d say head in before 12 or after 2 because while there’s lots of seating available it might not all be together. And that’s another thing, took me a while to cotton on but eating in is the same price as taking out and you get a LOT more food, seriously. In first year I’d take two full size meals to eat out and get full, now I eat in just the rice and 2 selections and I have to waddle back to college in an undignified manner with my belt undone to let the gut out.

Now onto the food, as regards solid regular meals you want the rice + 1 selection for $4.95 or the rice + 2 selection for £5.95 if you have sense (£1 for twice as much curry? You’d have to be mad to say no).

When I went in specifically to review the gaff I was with a friend of mine who when asked about the rice commented that it was ‘nice, good sticky jasmine rice that had been cooked in something which is nice’ so take from that whatever you feel, though it is nice and fluffy.

Meal avec bae
What a goon

Selection of curry's

There are a wide range of options to have with the rice, regulars are Stir fired crispy pork, Chicken and cashew nuts (dreamy), green and yellow chicken curry (coconutty beauties) and the smashing pad thai with a selection of day to day specials. James and I decided to share (I know, unusual) garlic chicken and stir fried squid.


The garlic chicken good if a little plain and lacking in sides, nice coriander undertone to prevent overpowering garlic but I prefer the chicken and cashew, bit more colour and variety, plus who doesn’t love raw red onions. James had similarly uninspired or useful comments as me.

The squid however was beautiful, tender and soft rather than rubbery as squid often can be. Comes with nice selection of veg and curry sauce for the rice to mop up.

Squid close up

You can also add a selection of toppings to your meal if you eat in, a really hot chilli soy sauce (only hot because I like taking teaspoonfuls of the chillies themselves as well), chilli powder, sriracha sauce and ground peanuts.

When I went with James for some weird reason we decided to get the Thai Ice tea, bit on the pricey side but really nice, creamy, sweet, coconut and tea flavours, really good in hot weather.

Thai Ice Tea



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