Patrick’s Pad Thai and Chilli Chicken

Chicken Pad Thai: £5, Filling √, Healthy √, Tasty 4.5/5
Chilli Chicken with rice, Potato Stir Fry, Dahl Curry, fried Mushroom and Okra: £5, Filling √, Healthy ish, Tasty 5/5

Gloucester Green Open Market (weds. thurs. sat. 11ish – 4ish)

Patrick (ft. below with chicken pad thai) is a very popular favourite at the market and usually has a good steady flow of customers, to avoid queuing I’d say go just before 12 or after half 1/2. The Chilli Chicken has a tendency to run out as well (naturally due to how tasty it is) so get in early to avoid disappointment.

Now I ought to specify that unlike with Taste Tibet these two meals were had on separate days, I almost certainly could eat both in a  day but it would be tough, the pad thai is possibly one of the most filling options available at the open market, particularly for the price.

The Pad Thai is fried up with been sprouts, vermicelli rice noodles (gluten free if that’s applicable to you which it isn’t unless you actually have celiac, learn to read sheeple, just because it sounds like glucose doesn’t mean it’s fattening or some shit) which are lovely and thick, very filling combined with the peanuts, spring onions and red onions added on top. The salad options are exceptionally fresh and add a crispness which helps carry the smokey chicken and the otherwise very carby, thick meal.

It also comes with either a pork option, chicken or fish. I’ve only actually had the chicken option which is nice and smokey with a nice satisfying heat to the meat from a sauce added during cooking.

Pad Thai cooking

Now, while I do love the Pad Thai and many of my friends cannot sing its praises highly enough I firmly believe the chilli chicken to be absolutely outstanding.

Chilli Chicken Close Up

Just look at that will you? Aww I really ought to write these after I’ve eaten strewth.

The chicken is a beautiful combination of sweet, spicy (not for the pathetic), juicy and the exact right kind of chewy to be a really satisfying eat in every way.

Served with in my opinion the best rice in the market (though it is close with taste tibet) but that could just be my preference for the fluffiest of fluffy rice. The rice also gets all the sticky sauce mixed in with it which is beaut. There are a few different sides available throughout the week to complement the dish. The day I got it there was the potato stir fry which is nice and puffy, little bit of heat but not too much, the dhal curry which is nice and coconutty and creamy to counteract some of the heat, and the exceptional Okra and Mushrooms. You simply have to have these, it is cooked to perfection, neither slimy as Okra sometimes can be nor too dry, the mushrooms are little parcels of perfection, don’t ask what it’s cooked in I haven’t the faintest.

Side options.jpg

Also available at other times is a pumpkin curry (replaces the potato stir fry) which is lovely, adds an interesting sweetness to the meal, and my personal favourite the beetroot curry which is both healthy and tasty.

Chilli Chicken, Dahl + potato

If you prefer a more saucy curry also available is a more simple but still tasty chicken curry. Good heat, coconutty flavour, sauce pervades rice even more so than the chilli chicken, highly recommend.

Chicken Curry.jpg

Isn’t that truly beautiful? Anyway attached below is the menu for your perusal and at some point I plan on reviewing their third and some say best option …


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