Taste Tibet

Himalayan Chicken Curry with rice, coriander, Tibetan Dahl and Chilli sauce, £5, Filling √, Good price √, Healthy ish, Tasty √√√√√

Beef and Vegan Momos, £5, Filling √, Good price √, Healthy if you just get the Vegan ones I guess, Tasty √√√√√

Gloucester Green open market, they’re only there on Wednesdays though

Taste Tibet is a very jazzy stand by the open market’s standards, lots of colourful decoration, characters and food. The cooks are always friendly and accommodating, the stand always smells great AND there’s a 10% student discount! Who says we need the NUS.



Now, onto the food. First things first is the Himalayan Chicken curry, this is my favourite dish there and one of the best curries in the open market, definitely in the top two with Patrick’s Chilli Chicken in my book.

The chicken pieces are in plentiful supply (which is nice given a lot of places will skimp on any meat they grudgingly give you in a curry), juicy and tender. While the sauce their in is beautiful, creamy with ginger, garlic, coconut, onion and coconut milk. Not fiery so anyone that’s not a fan of spice don’t be scared off by the curry label.

The chicken curry is served on a bed of good fluffy rice (not visible in top picture), it’s done well, not much else to say really it’s rice.

It also comes with a similarly creamy and tasty Tibetan Dhal curry which goes nicely with it and in particular is a nice balance to their chilli sauce (optional/self-service) which I bloody love. It is I think honestly the spiciest chilli sauce in the whole market, I remember when I first went and was warned about the heat, I naturally assumed it was bollocks as most warnings of ‘watch out mate that’s spicy’ usually are. In this case I was pretty mistaken, put on so much I almost couldn’t eat it in fact. Still bloody good. It’s packed with chilli flakes and as well as being hot carries a nice powerful chilli flavour. Also available is a stickier garlic and chilli sauce which I would also be careful with if I were you, it’s also damn tasty but if you use too much it’s like being kicked in the chest by a garlic horse. If you have a crewdate in the evening I would recommend maybe steering clear.


The Sauces selection
I seriously recommend caution

As well as the Chicken Curry I can highly recommend the momos, a sort of dumpling.

Momo's cooking.jpg

The Vegan Momos contain spinach, Chinese cabbage and some other green stuff. They’re nice, tasty, fluffy, pretty light. Completely outshone by the Beef one’s in my book but that’s no surprise really.

The Beef Momos are stuffed with tender juicy meet, they’re punchy, rich full of good fat and a really strong beef flavour (yeah I know I’m not good with words). They have their own sauce which is a soy, vinegar and chilli mix, really good. The momos in particular benefit from the addition of coriander available to both them and the curry.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Joe Davies says:

    Favourite stand in the whole of gloc green market?


    1. imlavinit says:

      I don’t know as I have a single favourite but it’s definitely up there with the best.


  2. Eden says:

    Lavin’ me some cheeky greens.


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